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The Three C’s of Succesful Business

The Three C’s of Succesful Business
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In the banking business there is an old adage that the three "C's" of lending are Cash, Credit, and Collateral. In business I believe the three "C's" are: Cash, Credibility, and Customers. In this article I want to focus on Cash and how you may maximize your cash position. Whether you are in the construction, manufacturing, distribution, or retailing business, inventory and equipment asset management become an essential part of your business. Maximizing the usefulness of these assets are essential to a maximum return on your investment and availability of cash.

In the daily course of business we are many times focused on gaining new business, moving our products and services, or better managing employees. Admittedly these are all tasks that will hopefully bring us a profit or more cash in the bank. Unfortunately we often times lose sight of the fact that we may have idle inventory and equipment that is not producing a return. Not only is it a non performing asset, but it is also taking up valuable storage space, sometimes requiring extra labor costs to move it from one area to the other, and labor costs to keep it covered and dust free. In addition, we continue to pay personal property tax on this item every year and maintain it in our inventory system. So in conclusion these idle assets are actually a continuing cost factor in our business, not a tool for increasing profit or cash flow. Over time many assets continue to lose their value from technological and loss in market demand obsolescence.

Fortunately today you have a solution for turning your idle cost demanding assets into ready cash. Our subsidiary company Industrial Asset Recyclers has a long standing reputation of offering businesses a ready solution to turn idle inventories and equipment into cash. We specialize in purchasing or selling on consignment: Automation Components, Electrical Supplies, HVAC, Hydraulic, Life Safety, Pneumatic, and Tooling for the fabrication and construction sector. Our customers include: Distributors, Contractors, Manufacturing Plants, Research Facilities, and Industrial Process facilities.

As a value added service to our many IARDEALS.COM loyal customers we are able to offer great values on surplus inventories and closeout items. As a buyer you will find brand names such as: ABB, Allen-Bradley, ASCO, Belimo, Bussmann, Cleveland, Cooper, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton, Fuji, GE, Honeywell, Hubbell, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi, Pepperl Fuchs, Rennsteig, Rexroth, Siemens, Square D, and many more quality manufacturers.

So if you want to fatten up your bank account please contact us for a no obligation survey of your idle assets.