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How can I Sell these new Cutting Tools, Drill Bits, Abrasives, and Taps so Low in Price

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In the last year we purchased thousands of quality American made drill bits, taps, countersinks, and cutting bits for embarrassing low prices from a major industrial dealer. What I paid is pennies on the dollar I did not steal them. Because I bought these at such low prices I want to pass the savings on to you my loyal customers and buyers.

These cutting and finishing tools include name brands such as: 3M, Ace, Chicago Latrobe, CJT Durapoint, Cleveland, Fastcut, GTD, Greenfield, M.A. Ford, Menlo Tool, Merit, Metal Removal, Osborn, Premium Carbide, OSG, Standard Abrasives, Sumitomo, Superior, Supertanium, Valenite, Widia, other quality manufacturers.

Our inventory includes taper, plug, and bottoming hand and machine taps. We have drill bits in Fractional, Letter, and Number sizes made from solid Carbide, carbide Tipped HSS, HSS, Cobalt, and Titanium. Center drill countersinks are made in HSS or Solid Carbide. Our finishing and grinding disks and wheels are available in multiple diameters, grits, and abrasive materials.

We also have boring bar sets, carbide turning and milling carbide and ceramic inserts, as well as HSS and Carbide end mill cutting tools.

You can find these great savings on quality abrasive and cutting tools at: IARDEALS.COM.

The Three C’s of Succesful Business

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In the banking business there is an old adage that the three "C's" of lending are Cash, Credit, and Collateral. In business I believe the three "C's" are: Cash, Credibility, and Customers. In this article I want to focus on Cash and how you may maximize your cash position. Whether you are in the construction, manufacturing, distribution, or retailing business, inventory and equipment asset management become an essential part of your business. Maximizing the usefulness of these assets are essential to a maximum return on your investment and availability of cash.

In the daily course of business we are many times focused on gaining new business, moving our products and services, or better managing employees. Admittedly these are all tasks that will hopefully bring us a profit or more cash in the bank. Unfortunately we often times lose sight of the fact that we may have idle inventory and equipment that is not producing a return. Not only is it a non performing asset, but it is also taking up valuable storage space, sometimes requiring extra labor costs to move it from one area to the other, and labor costs to keep it covered and dust free. In addition, we continue to pay personal property tax on this item every year and maintain it in our inventory system. So in conclusion these idle assets are actually a continuing cost factor in our business, not a tool for increasing profit or cash flow. Over time many assets continue to lose their value from technological and loss in market demand obsolescence.

Fortunately today you have a solution for turning your idle cost demanding assets into ready cash. Our subsidiary company Industrial Asset Recyclers has a long standing reputation of offering businesses a ready solution to turn idle inventories and equipment into cash. We specialize in purchasing or selling on consignment: Automation Components, Electrical Supplies, HVAC, Hydraulic, Life Safety, Pneumatic, and Tooling for the fabrication and construction sector. Our customers include: Distributors, Contractors, Manufacturing Plants, Research Facilities, and Industrial Process facilities.

As a value added service to our many IARDEALS.COM loyal customers we are able to offer great values on surplus inventories and closeout items. As a buyer you will find brand names such as: ABB, Allen-Bradley, ASCO, Belimo, Bussmann, Cleveland, Cooper, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton, Fuji, GE, Honeywell, Hubbell, Johnson Controls, Mitsubishi, Pepperl Fuchs, Rennsteig, Rexroth, Siemens, Square D, and many more quality manufacturers.

So if you want to fatten up your bank account please contact us for a no obligation survey of your idle assets.

The IARDEALS.COM Advantage

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Many Online companies love to tout their superiority, but what criteria are they using to determine that they are exceptional? Not only am I a Seller, but I am also a frequent Online Buyer. Many Buyers are price driven, but deliverability, quality, ease of finding products on their websites, communication, and return policies are also important to Buyers. Items for sale with FREE SHIPPING are important to a majority of Buyers.

We do a lot of our marketing and sales through our Magento IARDEALS.COM webstore. So lets take a look at what brings and keeps Buyer to our webstore? What is important to most Buyers is webstore loading speed. We have optimized our online store to load in less than 2 seconds which puts us at the top of website loading chart speed. Another factor that is important is the simplicity and clutter free appearance of our pages. Too many colors, font types, and background distractions make it difficult for Buyers to read information. Layered Navigation, usually on the left side of each webpage is essential for Buyers to drill down on specific attributes of a specific item such as size, voltage, amperage, Make, Category, material, or color.

When I see a product that I may want to buy on a webstore I want to know the exact landed price which includes shipping, I do not want to call or email for a price quote, and then have to go into checkout shopping cart to be shocked by a high shipping price. Most of the items from IARDEALS.COM include FREE SHIPPING to the 48 USA contiguous states. If you want expedited shipping, there is a shipping calculator button where you can determine your exact shipping costs, it's that simple. We also offer discounts on volume purchases.

We have a 877-745-1775 toll free number or email us at: sales@iardeals.com with questions, or go to our one page checkout to place and pay for your order. We also sell selected items on Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, and Newegg, but the prices are 5% to 10% than the same item on our IARDEALS.COM store. Our customer feedback on Ebay and Amazon is 100%.

Due to our low overhead we are able to offer some of the lowest delivered priced points on the web. In addition, we buy some of our quality items from industrial suppliers and plants who have excess inventories that we can offer at "Rock Bottom Prices". We are a niche distributor only offering high end quality items primarily made in the USA or Europe by reputable manufacturers.

If you have a problem with your item when you receive it, we are here to help, because your 100% customer satisfaction is our primary mission. So give us a try next time you need a quality item at super competitive prices, you won't be sorry.

IARDEALS to Offer High Quality lines of Cutting Tools from USA Manufacturers

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During the next 90 days IARDEALS will be adding to its webstore top quality drill bits, taps, dies, milling bits, burrs, center drills, countersinks, hole saws, and turning tools bits made by boutique very high quality manufacturers in America. We will be emailing an announcement when these high quality value priced cutting tools will be available for online purchase.

We also presently have high quality closeout cutting tools that we have purchased at great savings, that we are able to pass on to you, from excess industrial suppliers. These top quality brands include: Cleveland, Cle-Line, OSG, Greenfield, Fastcut, M.A. Ford, Chicago Latrobe, CJT Durapoint, Menlo Tool, KEO, Premium Carbide, Widia GTD, Metal Removal, Valenite, Sumitomo, and others.

In addition to standard High Speed Steel, Cobalt, Solid Carbide, cemented Carbide Tipped cutting tools, we will be offering Vanadium HSS taps, Solid Carbide Taps, Cobalt Taps for Titanium and alloys, Beryllium and Magnesium Copper, and Titanium Nitride Coatings. Many of these taps will be offered in both ASE and Metric taper, plug, and bottoming configurations. For easy chip removal we recommend 2 flute taps. The taps above are available for use as hand taps, tapping machine, or CNC appilications. THe taps are available in straight flute, spiral flute, or spiral point styles. Many of these taps are made in up to 6 different pitch diameters.

From Monster Tools made in the USA we will be offering a line of carbide C-2 grade chucking reamers in sizes below .25 inches to .5 inches. Monster also offers a complete line of hundreds of solid carbide milling bits up to 1 inch. For those who do micro machining we will have milling bits from .005 inches to .120 inches diameter. Configurations include Chamfer, Ballnose, Square End, and Corner styles in 2 and 4 flute shapes.

The above is just a small taste of quality our high quality made in USA cutting tools to be offered in the next 90 days. If you have a requirement right now please contact us at: sales@iardeals.com, or visit our webstore at: IARDEALS.COM.

​Trouble Shooting Motor Control Circuits

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Trouble shooting motor control circuits requires the ability to read a schematic or understand basics of control circuits as well as a multi-meter. Remember safety first, wear safety glasses and rubber soled shoes. Do not check continuity or resistance on energized circuits.

Using your meter or simple voltage tester check for equal line voltage across all incoming "Line" contacts of your motor switch, magnetic, or soft starter. If you do not have voltage, go ahead of the line and check your fused switch or circuit breaker. A short or overload may have caused the breaker or fuse to trip or fail. If this is the case you probably have a short in the motor. Use procedures in my blog on "Trouble Shooting Motors" to correct the problem.

If all the above are in working order than you may have a problem with the motor starter such as a blown fuse on a control transformer, a burnt out contactor coil, or open in the control circuit caused by faulty Start/Stop buttons, bad momentary contacts, limit switches, proximity sensors, or other devices or control boards in the control circuit. Make sure you check the fuse on the control transformer with the power turned off. With the power turned on check that there is the correct voltage coming out of the control transformer. Many control transformers are fed by 440 or 480 volts which can be deadly or cause explosions if shorted out, so be very careful. With the power turned off check for continuity on the magnetic starter coil, it should read close to zero. So now you have checked the control transformer. Some simple systems may use the line voltage for control also, so there would be no transformer.

If everything checks so far such as incoming power, a good contactor coil, and voltage coming from the transformer, you will need to check the overload relays, they should be normally closed, except if they are tripped, a continuity tester across the line and load will work for this step. If they bare open they will need to be reset or replaced if they will not reset.

Your next step will be time consuming as you will have to go through all the switches in series will the control circuit and check for continuity. If their wires come into a terminal strip you can check continuity if they are normally closed, otherwise you will have open every switches little terminal box and check for continuity along the line with the power turned off. You may need a schematic of the control circuit to determine which switches should be on normally on or off when the machine is operating.

Good luck and remember safety first.

IARDEALS Hits Home Run with Power Port Products

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Several years ago we took on a line of made in USA quality hose reels, cord reels, air hoses, and accessories. We did not realize how successful their line of products we be for us. Their line of air hose reels and caddies have been the top sellers in their extensive line of products. With jobs going overseas from outsourcing and the fact that American made products are usually superior in quality our customers appreciate that Power Port Products are a great value. Remember "value" is what you get for your money, and "price" is what you pay.

Power Port makes 4 different hose types consisting of oil resistant PVC, medium grade PVC, premium rubber, and polyurethane as follows:

The Premium Oil Resistant Air Hose is Light Weight Non-marring Oil and Chemical Resistant PVC features a Special Blend of Elastomers. Standard Assemblies Complete with NPT Male x Male Brass Fittings and Stainless Steel Strain Relief

Springs. 300 PSI Working pressure, 1500lb. Burst.

The Premium Rubber Air Hose with Full Four Spiral Tough Polyester Cord. Standard Assemblies Complete with 1/4" NPT Male/Male Brass Fittings and Stainless Steel Strain Relief Springs. 250 PSI Working pressure, 1600lb. Burst.

The Medium Grade Oil Resistant Air Hose is Light Weight Special Thermal Blue PVC. Standard Assemblies Complete with 1/4" NPT Male/Male Brass Fittings and S.S. Strain Relief Springs 250 PSI 1200lb. Burst.

The Polyurethane Air Tool Hose is extreme Light Weight, Flexible in Sub Zero Temps, Non-marring Oil and Chemical Resistant Polyurethane. Standard Assemblies Complete with NPT Male x Male Reusable Brass Fittings and Special Strain Reliefs to protect the ends. 200 PSI Working pressure.

The Hose Reels are made as manual rewind "Caddy" configuration in both steel and impact resistant ABS plastic. In addition, Power Port makes auto-rewind hose "reels" in both steel and impact resistant plastic enclosed canister reels.

Many Auto-Rewind Reels and Manual Caddies are available with 35, 50, 100, 150 fit hoses in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" nominal hose sizes. All of these products come with a 1 year minimum warranty and in the case of Heavy Duty hoses that come with a lifetime warranty.

Power Port also has an assortment of Premium Battery Jumper Cables, LED Work Lights, air hose fittings, Cord Reels and Cords, Welding Torch Hose Reels, Magnetic Screwdrivers, and Fluorescent Trouble Lights. You can see the complete product line by searching for "Power Port" on our IARDEALS.COM industrial supply store.

Trouble Shooting Motor Problems

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There are basic questions that one should ask about motor problems such as: (1) Why won't the motor run (2) Is there a burning smell from or around the motor that smells like burnt paint (3) Does the motor hum when energized, but will not turn (4) Is there power to the motor switch or starter, but the motor shaft will not turn (5) Is the motor too hot to touch (5) Does the motor turn slowly and overheat.

If you have been immediately tripping the circuit breaker or blowing line fuses is a strong indication of a ground fault or short in the motor windings. If the motor turns but the breaker or fuse cuts out after a few moments then it's an indication of a motor overload, undersized motor, or high resistance motor wind short. Motor failures can also be caused by failing roller, ball, or bronze bearing that are failing and adding to the motor load. If it's difficult to turn the shaft with no load, then thats an indication of possible bearing failure.

If your motor has been running very hot and you smell burning varnish there is a strong indication that your motor has been overloaded and will soon fail. Make sure the motor is properly sized for the load. Undersized motors may prematurely fail.

Let's start with power coming into the line side (power side feeding the switch or starter) of the motor switch or starter. I would first recommend disconnecting the motor leads with the power turned off. This will enable you to perform tests for conductivity, shorts, grounds, and in the case of single phase induction motors tests of motor starting capacitors. The first test will be for ground faults or shorts to ground. Take your multi-meter using the Ohm setting at say 1,000 ohms and check with one meter lead to the motor case or metal frame and the other lead to each motor lead; you should get infinite resistance if there are no ground faults. If there is a ground fault your motor will need to be replaced or rewound. The next test if there are no ground faults will be open windings. Take one lead of your meter and connect to motor lead one and the other meter lead to motor lead two. You should get close to a zero resistance reading. In the case of a 3 phase motor you should have an equal reading between all 3 leads.

With the motor disconnected you will want to check the load side of any starter or switch for line voltage. Remember safety first, wear safety goggles, stand on an insulated mat, and make sure you have plenty of room to get out of the way from energized contacts in the event of shock. Disconnect all power when conducting continuity tests.

About Electrical Systems and Supplies

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When we talk about electrical supplies we are encompassing a wide variety of products from electrical distribution, and fittings, protection, lighting, motor protection, wiring devices, and any other products that connect to building and plant wiring. Electrical supplies can be purchased from hardware stores, big box stores, electrical distributor warehouses, industrial distributors, and online suppliers. Purchasing online is becoming more popular with contractors, industrial plants, maintenance people, and "Do-It" yourselfers.

Most electrical systems start with Main Service metering, circuit protection, and distribution. Wiring from the Main Service distribution may be done with conduit and wire systems, bus duct, armored cable, or non-metallic sheathed cable(ROMEX). At end of each one of these distribution feeders is a lighting, power, or combination panel. These panels may feed lights, plugs, motors, appliances, or other consumers of electricity.

There are hundreds of types of fitting available for the connection, coupling, support, and termination of conduit and wiring systems. For example conduit fittings are available in threaded, compression, set screw, and clamp on configurations. Set screw is the most common type of fitting used for EMT(Electrical Metallic Tubing or "Thinwall")

In residential, commercial, and light industrial applications wiring devices are used to connect appliance, light fixtures, or other equipment. We are all familiar with duplex receptacles on walls or sometimes even in floors. Receptacles around kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, and other wet or shock hazard locations are fed with GFCI receptacles that instantaneously interrupt the circuit when there appears to be a live connection to ground. There are specialty type receptacles and plug caps such Turn Lock that lock the male and female parts together. These Turn Lock devices are used in construction sites and industrial application so that there cannot be a disconnect of the devices without a counter clockwise twist of the plug cap. For higher amperage and voltage applications we may find pin plugs and spade plugs.

Switches used to control lighting or other light duty loads are classified as single pole, 3 way, 4 way, or double or triple pole. 3 way switches have 3 contact screws, but only control 2 locations. 4 way switches have 4 contact screws and can be used in one or multiples chained together between 3 way switches. Dimmers and motion sensors are specialty switches primarily for light level control and occupancy.

Electrical supplies also include replacement ballasts for HID, fluorescent, and HPS light fixtures. Outlet and junction boxes are made with galvanized steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, painted steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, and plastics.

It is suggested that you first design your system on paper taking into consideration all loads with voltage, amperage, wire and conduit size. Always allow for extra capacity for future growth or circuits. It is much more expensive to have to re do your distribution feeders and panel capacity because you did not want to allow for extra future capacity.

High Quality Tools Save You Time and Money

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I have a cliché that I like to use that explains what the difference is between being "Cheap" and being "Thrifty". Being "Cheap" is not changing your motor oil for long periods of time so that the bearings on your engine fail. Where as being "Thrifty" or "Frugal" is buying the best quality motor oil at the lowest price, and changing it when recommended. The same analogy goes for hand tools.

If you buy cheap screwdrivers the tips that firmly fit into the screws will wear out or chip easily. Many times these failures will happen during a project that you are in a hurry to complete. In addition, a broken screw driver tip may cause you personal injury or damage to your work surface. A broken piece of tool can get into working parts such as gear boxes, intricate valves, or short out circuit boards. Cheap pipe wrenches can slip off the pipe causing injury and damage and may break also causing serious injury and property damage.

For the occasional do-it yourselfer a cheap tool may suffice, but hardly ever will it pay for the frequent user or professional mechanic. If you earn your living using tools you probably know that a tool failure can be an expensive lesson that can stop you from performing a quality and efficient job and causing problems with your customers due to poor work quality and delayed delivery.

We at IARDEALS.COM only sell high quality tools that save money and perform quality work in the long run. Our drill bits and taps are only of the highest quality tool steel and are made in the USA, Germany, and Japan. We are proud to have been awarded the dealership for Rennsteig Tools made in Germany. This line is top quality compared to its competitors and has proven to be a volume seller due to its quality and efficient performance. "Rennsteig" has a line of high quality chrome vanadium ergonomic pipe wrenches that are light weight and easy to adjust. Included in the line are punches, vise grips, chisels, clamps, pry bars, and specialty wire cutting, stripping, and crimping tools.

IARDEALS.COM also carries lines of test and measurement, specialty portable power, and other hand tools and high quality consumables.

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ABC's of Motors

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Motors are not just powered by electricity, diesel, or gasoline. In industrial and construction machinery applications they may also be powered by air(pneumatic), oil pressure(hydraulic), water, or many other combustible, non combustible gases and fluids. The electric single phase alternating current motor is the most common and are used in power tools, HVAC, appliances, and other portable and fixed installations. These motors may have solid laminated steel rotor armatures or copper wire wound armatures that are powered through brush and commutator systems. Motors that run on single phase either 120 or 240 volts and have solid rotors require starting and running capacitors as well as internal starting switches that operate on centrifugal force. These motors can be also reversed. Motors used primarily in power tools that utilize wire wound rotors can also be reversed by changing the connection to brushes via a double throw switch. Motors in battery operated tools are direct current motors and are similar to AC power tool motors, but have more torque.

Motors used for HVAC, conveyors, manufacturing and fabricating machinery, pumps, and other commercial and industrial applications are 3 phase operating on 208 to 480 volts up to 500 horsepower. 3 phase motors are generally more efficient than single phase motors, are less expensive per horsepower to manufacture, and can be easily reversed by exchanging any two of the three motor leads. These motors have solid steel laminated rotors, no capacitors, and only one moving part the rotor, which has a shaft for external mechanical connection.

Today's electric motors and single phase motors can be protected and controlled by "Soft" Solid State Motor Starters or VFD's(Variable Speed Drives). Solid state drives have the benefit of no moving parts, can reverse, regulate speed and torque, match motor demand to power requirements saving electricity, and be controlled by remote computers.

Electric motors are not as dependable as air or hydraulic motors as they are more susceptible to short circuit failure, open windings, and burnout due to failure of the enamel on the motor stator or armature windings. In addition, electric motors that are used in hazardous applications(explosive materials) must be explosion proof as well as their wiring feeds, and controls. Based on horsepower and torque hydraulic and some air motors are smaller in size than electric motors. Air powered tools are the preferred choice over electric in heavy duty high demand industrial and automotive repair applications. The only parts in air and hydraulic motors that can fail are the bearings and occasionally the rotor vanes and valves.